Fosters of Fall

In a voyage across the unknown universe, the last of humans find themselves in an all-or-nothing quest for survival as their search for new planets continues in vain. In the face of apocalypse, it is upon Lenox Ace and his team to find the next ‘Earth’ and salvage humankind in its race against time. Halfway between science fiction and dystopian fiction, this book investigates into the meaning of life and humankind’s part in it.

Struggling against cosmic odds, humankind must rely upon its knowledge and intelligence to overcome unimaginable challenges spanning across its past, present and future. The penalty for failure is extinction. The limitless human intelligence that had enabled them dominion over Earth is yet again put to test.


But what is intelligence? What is life? How do they interplay? When the unexplored aspects of the universe begin to challenge the very basis of human existence, can humankind overcome these hurdles and reclaim its right to survive?

In an intriguing plot, this thought-provoking literature dares to understand the principles of our existence and its relationship with everything it touches. Belonging to the ranks of philosophy books that dive into the need of their times, ‘Fosters of Fall’ inquires into the laws of nature, ecology and its sustainability, and the development of our world. 

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