About Anshul Kapoor

Anshul is a student of nature and its beauty; be it human nature, Earth’s nature or the nature of creation. Formally an engineering graduate from IIT Delhi, he likes to sketch, read, write, travel extensively (walk, run, hike, ride, drive, fly, you name it!) and work silently in secluded corners of coffee shops. 

Interested in philosophy, psychology, yogic systems, evolution and sustainability; he enjoys discovering bridges between the various subjects. An advocate of critical thinking, his works impress upon the necessity of clarity and conscience in the sustainable development of a civilisation. His writing journey began with blogs and later evolved into a bigger literary project when he authored his debut novel 'Fosters of Fall' -  a satire on human condition that draws attention towards what’s perhaps one of the greatest challenges of the present day.

His latest work called 'Project LerHerEat' is directed towards achieving long term urban sustainability in India's large and growing cities through a more inclusive approach towards the ecosystem we inhabit.

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