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The Journey

Anshul Kapoor is a student of nature and its beauty; be it human nature, Earth’s nature or the nature of creation.

Formally an engineering graduate from IIT Delhi, he likes to sketch, read, write, travel extensively (walk, run, hike, ride, drive, fly, you name it!) and work silently in secluded corners of coffee shops.

An advocate of critical thinking, his works impress upon the necessity of clarity and conscience in the sustainable development of a civilisation.

The Philosophy

The human body is perhaps the most advanced and capable machinery we know of.

But is this machinery a part of a bigger design?

Or is evolution a product of unintelligent randomness?

How do these mysteries of human origin dictate and direct humankind’s future? Can this understanding lead humankind to a better world?

Anshul's works strive to discover this link between our life and its source.


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